This article is primarily intended for vegans but if you are not, I invite you to read it anyway to see what I will reveal.

Ever since I have been interested in vegan groups in social media/networks, and there are hundreds of them, I find that participants who speak (in the sense of writing blog or sharing comments) usually severely criticize those who consume food derived from animals.

Their judgment, without appeal, is generally accompanied by images, videos or statistics that are shocking, even plain horrific, that do not arouse the desire to go further in this whistleblowing and “making feel guilty” environment. It seems to me that vegan communication platforms, other than the ones specific to vegan cuisine, fail to favour dialogue with the population in general. Myself, an ardent animal welfare defender, I cannot even watch these animal abuse scenes in vegan sites supposed to encourage a “conversion”.

The irony in all this is that the vast majority of vegans were initially omnivores, often some for several decades, like I was for over 40 years!

Because of our mind being constantly aware of the consequences of conventional nutrition on animals, we sometimes have a natural inclination to share our convictions, in the secret hope of imposing it to our interlocutor. However, it is useless to lecture colleagues at work during lunchtime whenever someone takes out a chicken sandwich or a glass of milk. I know, I’ve tried it. At best they will listen to you politely at worst they will avoid your presence in order to have lunch in peace.

On the other hand, you can occasionally relay general interest information as one can find on Daily Planet or Discovery channel. For example, do you know that there are 5 types of dentition for mammals? To those who want to know more you may provide a link or illustrate your thought or show the image below. Everyone likes to receive interesting information in as much as it presented in the respect of all without offending anyone.

In my opinion, the social mission, which ought to be exercised by every vegan, is to simply set the example by demonstrating, without seeking debate, how the adoption of the vegan philosophy brings health and happiness. Is it not what most human beings aspire to.

First and foremost, make sure, my vegan friends, to display an exemplary health. The biggest barrier to switching to a vegan mode is the fear of lacking nutrients for the body. Make your health irradiate and strive to never be sick to break the association of a vegan diet with food deficiencies.

Then, shine with your happiness. Well, I admit that it is not easy on a daily basis, but be positive in everything you say and do. In short, be a pleasant person who transpires wellbeing. Thus, you shall naturally attract people who are looking for that type of energy and they will be more willing, by looking at your state of mind and being, to adopt some of your ideas.

Author: Ariel Rodríguez Bosio,

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