Stick with nature

The other day I was going to Sherbrooke for a funeral. A childhood friend of my father died at age 92. At the entrance of the city, I see a beautiful large animal shape sculptures made of branches. The ceremony started at 10:00 but we had enough time aheat of us to stop a few moments. I parked the car in the parking of the store and my girlfriend, my father and I went to take a closer look at the art work .

Amazed by what I saw, and even more admiring when I discovered the details up close, I immediately realized that the artist behind these sculpters had a gift: the gift of transforming a wooden sticks into a wow effect.

Imagine, fragments of the forest transformed into life-size animals. Everything was gathered to arouse the interest of the creator of and ardent animal welfare promotor. Through the site and my articles topics, I encourage people to adopt vegetal alternatives in their daily lives. Whether it’s for clothing, building materials and of course food, I try to make animal-friendly alternatives known.
Until now the idea of advertizing vegetal art had not yet arised. I noted the name and phone number on the store ower’s door.

Back home, I hasten to leave a message to Eric Guay, the famous artist who caught our attention to the point of making us stop on our way to the funeral. A meeting was improvised the same day which then led to a collaboration.

Since the dawn of time, objects made of wood are part of most people’s heritage and everyday life. Wood carving necessarily falls into the “vegetable art” category but the thing is so widespread that it is already found in almost every home. Moreover, the art of entangling branches from trees of selected species to make animal representations, which one would think animated by a real emotion, is much less widespread and deserves a visibility platform. This is why you will find a section ‘Art Vegetal’ in the Boutique of www.

Adopt art works that are born, grow old and die like all things living on earth, is another way to stick with nature.

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