Vegan and also hunter, intuitively this seems incompatible, or maybe not, but it will be difficult for me to assess since the whole hunter community is against me now.

Animated by my mission in life to improve animal welfare, I have published an open letter in the local newspaper inviting our Prime Minister to consider banning hunting in Quebec. The motivation for this gesture originated from a recently adopted law that recognized domestic animals to have sensitivity. My logic was based on the extension of this recognition of sensitivity to the animals of the forest.

My FACEBOOK account was suspended.

The reaction to my letter was scathing, several thousand “shares” of the article, yet of a small locality newspaper, attracted the attention of a radio station from the neighbouring bigger city whose interview was the object of a hunting chronicle the next day in another newspaper, that one with greater circulation! My Facebook page has been plagued by so many visits and “Friend Request”, although mostly hostile, that it triggered the Facebook alarm system de facto suspending my Facebook account. This letter seems to have unanimously aroused the ire of the population even if hunters account for less than 5%.

To open a personal Facebook page, you must identify yourself by your real name. Otherwise it would be too easy and dishonest to attract traffic to a page by claiming to be Shakira, Justin Beaber or… Donald Trump.(1) Because of the abnormal traffic level directed to my page, the Facebook administrators required me to demonstrate that there was no usurpation of identity on my page.

Clearly, hunting enthusiasts are vigilant to defend their right and are very present on the social media. I received dozens of pictures of hunting “trophies” and innumerable testimonies portraying very negatively the author of the letter.

Notwithstanding the tumult raised, some hunters have taken the trouble to express to me why their leisure may be in agreement with caring for animals, including those of the forest.

Through this episode I have learned that one can care for animals in very different ways. Whether it is respect, admiration, affection, compassion or love period, there are several levels to express one’s attachment to animals. One may not agree with the other’s point of view, but the important thing is to accept perspective differences and the right to express them.

From there, can we extrapolate that a vegan hunter is possible ? I know of fishermen who do not eat fish!

Note 1: You will not provide any false personal information on Facebook, or create an account for anyone other than yourself without permission

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