I eat animals but only at this time of the year

Easter is a time to celebrate simply, without the Christmas artifices, the pleasures of family reunions. Who says family reunion necessarily says meal. In Easter my siblings, children and their children come visit us and my father.

None of my family members is vegetarian. Until recently, when we had family guests we used to fix dinner, a vegetarian dinner,. However, most of the time they seemed to not enjoy so much discovering vegetable alternatives concocted by us; they preferred bringing a piece of meat to be cooked in parallel to our proposed dish. (see note 1)

We therefore had to resign: henceforth anyone from the family who comes for a meal at home has to bring its own. Thus we find ourselves having eclectic Paschal meals, including animal parts. However, it happens more and more that our guests will bring their meal with a vegetarian version for us that they prepare themselves, a well appreciated attention.

Notwithstanding the above, as I indicated earlier Easter is the only time of the year that I allow myself to eat animals: chickens, rabbits everything goes even cats and dogs …. all in chocolate of course!
Note that I choose dark chocolate in shape of animals, which does not contain dairy product. There is now a much greater variety of shapes with dark chocolate than there was 25 years ago; when my children were small.

I do not know why, but chocolate animals at Easter I can not resist. The photo on the left was my first duck. Do not tell me about chocolate shaped like golf balls, soccer balls, cars or trucks. In my book Easter happens in animal shapes. It maybe a question of impregnated childhood nostalgia that resurfaces every Easter. It is strange to have so much affection for animals and to like eating them in chocolate. Perhaps there is a connection with the mothers who say of their babies (at least in the French part of Canada) ; “I love you so much I’d swallow you up’’.


Note 1:
I produced a cookbook that brings together a dozen of my culinary improvisations to download for free if you subscribe to this blog (top of the page on the right). This will give you an idea of what we offer as an alternatives to ham, turkey and meat pie.

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