Stand tall, go vegetal


HEALTH Actions

For people who need to change or reduce their meat or dairies eating habit.

Identification and development of plant based alternatives information to improve health.

We provide information to successfully maintain a better alkalinity of your metabolism and enjoy the benefits associated with harmonizing with one of the fundamental principles of nature.


If you like animals so much that you can’t eat or wear them.

Information and coaching to facilitate the adoption of vegetarian or vegan options.



We provide tools to make children discover how nature can help us in our daily lives.


  • Educational accounts for children with animal characters – audio or text.
  • Tools to make children discover how nature can help building our world.
  • Animation theater for children base on the Bedtime stories.



As a protagonist of the Canadian textile industry for 30 years, through an unorthodox approach to applied science, I have contributed to the creation of several products to improve protection for workers in high-risk sectors.

After working as a scientific advisor for a few years, I founded in 2010 a company with emphasis on the exploitation of natural fibers as alternatives to animal products.

Since 2017 I broaden the plant alternatives offer to the food industry.